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We share the same objectives with you when it comes to perfecting an idea, so we say your thoughts and imaginations are Beyond iDeas.

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You call us web and mobile developers, but truthfully we simply see ourselves as Digital Mason Architects

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We create new quality valued digital products everyday. Check it out !

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ZIO INVENT is a solution based technology company with a focus on simplified experience to solve diverse individual, corporate and multinational needs.

With a heart on Solution Designs, Software Technology and Digital Marketing.

From day one we have remained innovative, up-to-date with latest industry technologies, trends and methods to provide improved, secure and reliable solutions.

ZiO team are 100% certified engineers, developers and designers, with abundant years of experience to execute projects and contract.

We basically sit on the ground to look at your individual ideas to understand what serves your best interest. This is why ZiO is about people and solution driven ideas.

Digital marketing

We create awesome digital marketing experience, it’s beyond having a competitive or unique website or products, we bring your brand experience to your potential customers using innovative marketing tools.

UI Design

We hold on to our aesthetics and cordial believes of what a products should be or feel, we make sure it aligns with what your brand represents and apply the best and trending design to your products.

UX Design

Our interaction design team focuses on creating engaging interfaces with well thought out behaviors, defined gestures, a user can interact with the system, it's all about the user and the simplified experience.

Print & Branding

We are all about experience and it starts with your brand, first impressions do count, but consistent impression is all that really matters, we are digital masons, we craft your brand from start to finish.

What we've done

We creat simplified, awesome experiences for all. Check it out !

Digital Mason Architects

We are part of a global design Community. We are here to make you succeed.

Uche Richmond

CEO/Experience Designer

Ebenezer Ndukwe

Lead Developer

Jeffrey Kalu

Lead Business

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We do everything to satisfy our clients. Let's start a new story together.
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We do everything to satisfy our clients. Let's start a new story together.

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